A-Cappella-Pop from Ulm, Germany

We are Choriosity and we make modern choir music with young people.

Choriosity is the choir for young adults in the YMCA Ulm and with currently over 100 members one of the biggest a capella pop choirs in the Ulm region! The repertoire is very diverse: Film music, current pop and Jazz pieces, or cover versions of renowed vocal groups are chosen by the members themselves through an election.
The choir is open for everyone and there is no prior knowledge or musical experience required. There is, however, a limit to the size of the choir (see below).

Important notice

We're overwhelmed by the positive responses and the interest taken in us! It is awesome that so many people want to join us, and we would love to welcome all of you! However, this is simply not possible due to the number of people wanting to join. So at the moment, we unfortunately cannot take in any new members.
Our ground principle, that the choir is open for everyone regardless of any personal or musical background, still stands though! We do not prefer anyone over anybody.
So what does this mean? We set up a waiting list where we put all the people wanting to join us, who we couldn't let in. As soon as members are leaving the choir (for studies abroad, new jobs, etc.), we contact the people who have been on the waiting list the longest, and they can join. Of course this is not ideal, but it is the only feasible and fair process we could think of. We hope you all understand.
So, if you want to join us, send us an e-mail to sing@choriosity.de and make sure to include your name, age, register of voice (if known), and your area of work/studies.